Ota the Bothan

A Bothan spy working the Outer Rim


The Bothan clears his throat. “Nyn has told me a good deal about you, and I have a project underway that could make use of a group as resourceful as yourselves. However, before we get down to negotiations, I feel I ought to make you aware of this.” The Bothan pulls out a small holographic projector and switches it on. “This communication is keyed to an encrypted fre- quency used by some of the bounty hunters who work the Outer Rim.” He switches the pro- jector on and it displays a series of scrolling images. You can make out the streets of Mos Shuuta, the Krayt Fang, your faces…

An accompanying text scrolls by, giving the fol- lowing message in Gand, Rodian, Trandoshan, and Basic: “Wanted: 50,000 credits reward. If you have information, contact Teemo in Mos Shuuta, Tatooine.”

If this situation continues, you could have very dangerous people hunting you … people like Bossk, or even the Mandalorian.

“I have a proposition. The job I have in mind for you will bring you into contact with those who are currently engaged in a deal with Teemo. If you negotiate well with them, they could provide you with an opportunity to strike at the Hutt from the heart of his own palace. I won’t lie to you, there is some risk, but you will have a better chance following my plans than you’ll have once these bounty hunters catch up with you.

“I will, of course, also see to it that you are re- warded for killing or compromising Teemo the Hutt. He should have the credits on hand to pay his hunters, and I will make sure any such money passes on to you.”

“I have been invited to a private function to be hosted by a Geonosian duke, Duke Piddock. I am not expected to turn up myself, of course, but the duke will expect a few guests to appear as representative of my interests. This duke re- cently planned to do some deals with Teemo, then changed his mind. As it happens, this duke has a rival, Duke Dimmock, who is due to deliver some goods to Teemo in a few days. If Dimmock knew what made Piddock change his mind, he might agree to help us.

“Is that understood? I realize it is a little com- plex. We are to find out from one Geonosian what caused him to turn from Teemo in order to convince another Geonosian currently working with Teemo to help us instead.”

Ota the Bothan

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