New Meen Mines

New Meen looks set to redefine the word “hardscrabble.” The settlement is little more than a shanty town nestled into the base of the cliffs that tower above it. A great pile of soil and rock has been raised up by machines and piled around the south side of the settlement. A few of the buildings look to be permanent (if ramshackle) structures, though most of the residents seem to make their home in tents. Moving through its dirt track streets, one must weave to avoid piles of detritus and vapor condensers. This place wouldn’t even support a cantina. No one seems eager to greet strangers on arrival, though the frightened faces of Twi’leks peer out from behind the canvas flaps of their rude dwellings.

The settlement is under siege by Angu Drombb, a human contractor who owns much of the surrounding land. His thugs have been accused of larceny and other crimes, in particular the malfunctioning of generators and other mechanical failures in recent months.

Arrival of the Crew of the Lollipop

The residents of New Meen are cautious and suspicious of newcomers. However, once [[B’ura B’an]] is spotted, the atmosphere changed quickly. “B’ura B’an! B’ura B’an is back!” and similar cries are raised throughout the town. Soon the residents of New Meen, twenty adult Twi’leks and a handful of their children, gather about the speeder. They gleefully hail the return of their leader (though some of them regard his maimed lekku with looks of pain and despair).

New Meen Mines

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